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Mining Firm Risk

Mining Firm Risk

In the past I've discussed some dangers related to the junior mining sector. In this article it is important to recognize what has been reported in the past about mining operations in Venezuela.

As countries uncover that they've real assets which are meaningful there is iron ore a mineral some likelihood that these mines or mining projects could come under rising political pressure. For instance recently Australia announced a proposed tax of 40% on producing mines. Though a proposal at this point, it's verification of the point I'm making.

For a historic example, the Worldwide Business Occasions article a number of years back stated, "Hecla Mining's Isidora gold mine is the third operation in just one week in Venezuela's mineral rich Bolivar State to endure a roadblock. Venezuelan employees have stalled operations of the country's largest gold miner, citing poor working situations and demanding that President Hugo Chavez nationalize the mine."

I interviewed Laura Skaer of the Northwest Mining Association to look at some potential mining legislation modifications which can be proposed within the United States. However I went on to state that we forecast more difficulty within the mining sector on a worldwide basis. The Hecla situation was resolved however not to Hecla's or the mining industries benefit. I consider it my duty to provde the large picture and the lengthy-time period perspective. Most people do not follow the mining trade intently however some proposed adjustments have potential long-range effects.

Once in a while The U.S. House of Representatives proposes a invoice that can impact the mining industry. In this era of a "jobless" recovery any business within the U.S. is important to all concerned. For these with a bent toward the "green" sector let me agree, but additionally state - "If it may possibly't be grown it has to be mined."

There is a great deal of misinformation and outright lies concerning the mining industry. In in the present day's world most (not all) mining activity is done in a manner that impacts the surroundings in the least obtrusive means, and in virtually all cases (beneath U.S. standards) the property is brought back to the natural situations after the mining is completed. This is a fact that only a few other than these in the business are literally aware.

Again there are exceptions, however for essentially the most part the fact is, fashionable life demands metals and rare earths to function. A wonderful evaluation of the reality concerning the current state of mining affairs is a documentary film titled "Mine your own Business." Should you can lease this DVD it is highly advocate because it tells the real story of mining from a very impartial source.

My concern goes past the United States once I ask, "What's to forestall Mexico, South America, Canada or Australia from seeking to impose new mining legislation that profits authorities and hinders the mining business?" Obviously, as acknowledged earlier Australia already has, who is to comply with next?

We suggest that those within the industry take our lead and get this message out to the press, radio, and even the business tv audience. This, in our view, is an important concern in the mining trade immediately, and hardly anybody is talking about it. It would just be one of the reasons the junior miners are doing so poorly. Maybe the market senses some very detrimental laws over the next few years.