Welcome to the official website of the Operational Programme “Human Resource Development” 2012-2013

OP HRD objectives

The overall objective of the Opeartional Programme Human Resources Development 2012-2013 is “To promote sustainable human resources development by modernising and developing the educational, training and research systems in Montenegro, in accordance with EU policies and standards, with particular focus on youth employability.”

The Operational Programmes is being implemented through four priorities and six measures in the fields of employment, education and science, social inclusion and technical assistance.

Priority 1: Efficient and inclusive active employment policy measures aims to enhance the effectiveness of active employment policy measures in order to improve access to employment and retaining employment.

Measure 1.1: Supporting the implementation of the most productive labour market measures for the labour force quality and employment


Priority 2: Enhancing Skills, Knowledge and Competences for Employability and Competitiveness aims to improve the education and research system in order to achieve its better connection with the economy

Measure 2.1: Supporting improvement of conditions for development of VET qualifications

Measure 2.2: Supporting improvement of innovative capacities in higher education, research and economy


Priority 3: Enhancing Social Inclusion aims to enhance the access to the labour market for disadvantaged groups by increasing employability.

Measure 3.1: Supporting greater access to labour market for persons with disabilities and RAE population


Priority 4: Technical Assistance aims to support the implementation of the IPA IV OP HRD

Measure 4.1: Supporting the development of project pipeline

Measure 4.2: Supporting Operating Structure in the implementation of the Operational Programme