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What is the role of the Sectoral Monitoring Committee?

In line with the IPA Implementing Regulation, the Sectoral Monitoring Committee (SMC) represents the official body which supervises the management and implementation of a programme and it is established for a certain field or sector.


As regards the IPA Component IV, the Sectoral Monitoring Committee has been established immediately upon the signing of the Financing Agreement or more precisely in December 2014 when the 1st official meeting of the Committee was held. The Committee meetings, which are organised at least twice a year, are co-chaired by the Head of Operating Structure (from the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare) and the representative of the European Commission’s Directorate General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion (DG EMPL). The Committee Members are the representatives of the ministries constituting the Operating Structure, NIPAC and representatives of the NIPAC Office, National Authorising Officer (NAO) and representatives of the National Fund Division, representatives of social partners, non-governmental organisations, universities, whereas the representatives of the EU Delegation to Montenegro and the Audit Authority have the role of observers in the Committee.